Our campus spans across 13 acres of lush greenery, featuring diverse flora and fauna. Peacocks can often be seen roaming the campus, amidst green trees, fields, and beautiful gardens that help maintain moderate temperatures despite the extreme Delhi heat. Our college caters to over 5500 culturally diverse students and is one of the few colleges in the University of Delhi to offer all three streams: Humanities, Science, and Commerce across 21 Departments. The college has 21 well equipped Laboratories, 46 classrooms and 4 lecture theatres, and additional classroom spaces in the form of bamboo huts to cater to our ever-growing popularity and strength. We have an SBI Bank counter, infirmary and cafeteria/canteen to cater to your varied needs.

Many classrooms are overhead projector enabled and we have a new academic block coming up this year! Our teaching faculty has earned various grants and patents and our College has an active research culture along with our Research and Development Council that keeps pushing the faculty and students to produce innovative research in their fields. Our dedicated faculty members mentor students in academics while balancing their research pursuits.

Our college has produced several distinguished achievers in academics and sports and co-curricular activities, including gold medallists. We have state-of-the-art labs, a gorgeous green sports field, and thriving cultural and non-cultural societies that bring accolades in the annual festivals and international and national events across colleges and universities. You would witness some of these indoor events in our Auditorium and Seminar Hall, and the outdoor events would be all over the campus!

Gargi ensures that students have a holistic perspective towards wellbeing, and to support it, we have several initiatives (Ananda: The Centre for Wellbeing; On-campus counselling; and Peer support initiatives like Izhaar & Saarthi) that help them thrive in a balanced state of wellbeing. Our relentless endeavour is to recognise each individual’s potential and harness it within the individuality they portray. When you graduate from Gargi, you will have a diversity informed world view and develop sensitive and inclusive approach that will help you cater to the community to the best of your ability!