Scholarships & Awards


At Gargi College, we highly regard academic excellence and recognize our meritorious students through various prestigious awards. Apart from academic achievements, we provide numerous opportunities for students to excel in co-curricular activities as well. Our goal is to assist students in acquiring a variety of skills, confidence, and experience that will prove beneficial in their future careers after college. Each year on Annual Day, we recognize and honor the accomplishments of our students by awarding them with scholarships and prizes. The following are the coveted awards and scholarships that our students strive to attain:


The Best All-Rounder Awards are the most prestigious awards in the college and are given out in three streams: Dr. Chhaya Biswas Best All-Rounder Award for Science, Dr. Meera Ramachandran Best All-Rounder Award for Humanities, and Smt. Lajwanti Malik Memorial Best All Rounder Award for Commerce. These awards are highly sought-after by students who have displayed academic excellence, research aptitude, active participation in sports/extra-curricular activities and have made significant contributions to college life. All final-year students are eligible to apply through their respective departments. Candidates go through a screening process at various levels, and a committee makes the final decision on who deserves the award.


Hema V. Raghavan Long Strider Award is given to illustrious alumnae of this college who have displayed commendable excellence in their respective fields within ten years followingtheir graduation from Gargi College. The award acknowledges the candidate's significant social contributions and research potential during this time, as well as their academic and research excellence.


The Gargi Pathfinder Award, established by the college, inspires students to conduct original research under faculty guidance. The competition offers individuals or teams the opportunity to showcase their research projects, which are then evaluated by external judges. Research can encompass social issues, business proposals, or scientific experiments and can be presented in various formats such as PowerPoint, film, or artistic production. Students undergo a viva voce process before the results are announced. This award is open to all undergraduate students in the Humanities, Commerce, and Science streams.


Students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance and achieve the highest aggregates in each class receive recognition through certificates and prizes. Many disciplines have a range of academic cash awards and scholarships available for students in particular fields, thanks to the generosity of donors. Additionally, a select few students receive the esteemed Gargi College Award for Excellence, accompanied by a cash prize.



Students receive recognition through Awards for Excellence in Sports, NSS, and NCC for their outstanding achievements and accomplishments throughout the year.


Every year, the Annual Day ceremony is graced with the presentation of several prestigious awards to our deserving students. Among these are the Sarah Thomas Memorial Award, which is granted to the Best Student in Botany, Chemistry, and Zoology, as well as the Prof. Rihan Khan Suri Award for Exemplary Leadership, which is given to the most active member of the College Students' Union. Additionally, awards are presented by the college magazine VOICES for the Best Article in English, German, Hindi, and Sanskrit, as well as for the Best Cover Design. Finally, an award is given to acknowledge the Best Student in Fine Arts.


  • Gargi College Award for Excellence - Highest aggrgates in each year
  • Gyan Khosla Memorial Award - Highest aggrgates in B.A. (H) English, I Year
  • Smt. Kanti Tripathi Memorial Award - Highest Aggregate in B.A. Hindi (H), III Year Dr. Manju Dhawan Memorial Award - Highest Aggregatei n B.A. Hindi (H), II Year Dr. Amba Prasad Award - Highest Aggregate in B.A. (H) History I + II Year
  • Mr. and Mrs. Arora Scholarship - Highest Aggregate in B.A. (H) Philosophy I + II Year Dr. B. M. Chintamani Memorial Award - Highest Aggregatein B.A. Sanskrit (H), II Year Sh. T. M. Kakkar Memorial Award - Highest Aggregatein B.A. Programme, II Year Dolly Sehgal Memorial Award - Highest Aggregate in B.El.Ed. I+II+III Year
  • Sh. Sultan Chand Memorial Scholarship - Highest Aggregate in B.Com. (H), I, II and III Year Sh. Ratan Lal Memorial Award - Highest Aggregate in B.Com. (H) I + II Year
  • Dr. Usha Aggarwal 'Tejaswita' Scholarship - Highest Aggregate in B.Com. Programme, I, II and III Year Smt. Raj Mehta Memorial Scholarship - Highest Aggregate in B.Com. Programme I + II Year
  • Dr. Lalita Sehgal Memorial Award - Highest Aggregate in B.B.Sc. (H) Botany, III Year Sh. F. C. Sehgal Memorial Award - Highest Aggregate in B.B.Sc. (H) Botany, II Year
  • Smt. Pratibha Mukherjee Memorial Award - Highest Aggregate in B.B.Sc. (H) Botany, I Year
  • Shri Shiv Bhagwan Mundhara Memorial Scholarship - Highest Aggregate in B.Sc. (H) Botany I + II Year Sh. Ravi Khullar Memorial Award - Highest Aggregate in B.Sc. (H) Chemistry III Year
  • Dr. C. K. Khurana Memorial Award - Highest Aggregate in B.Sc. (H) Chemistry I + II Year Sh. A. K. Shrivastava Memorial Award - Highest Aggregatein B.Sc. (H) Microbiology III Year
  • Smt. Laxmi Trivedi Memorial Award - Highest Aggregatein B.Sc. (H) Microbiology, I, II and III Year Dr. Neelam Sachdeva Award - Highest Aggregate in B.Sc. (H) Zoology III Year


  • Dr. Shashi Tyagi Award - Outstanding Sportsperson in I+II+III Years Ms. A. Malathi Scholarship - Best Sportsperson of the Year, III Year Dr. Renu Sethi Trophy - Best NCC Cadet
  • Uttam Sewak Award - Best Student in NSS
  • Shri Nirmal Singh Memorial Award - Best Student in Fine Arts
  • Best Article in College Magazine in Hindi, English, Sanskrit and German Language Best Cover Design for College Magazine VOICES