Gargi College offers financial assistance to eligible students based on their annual income, as reported in their Income Proof. The Students Welfare Fund committee and the Principal review the applications received and determine the amount of aid to be awarded. As funding is limited, their decisions are final.

Students whose Parent/s have an Annual Income of Rs. 2 Lakhs or less will be considered for aid. However, the availability of financial assistance is not guaranteed if there are many applicants.


Students from all walks of life and levels of academic preparation are welcome at Gargi College. Finding one's footing might be difficult for first-year college freshers. To ease your transition into college life, we have Student Mentoring Programme. The primary purpose of this programme is to assist students with any issues they may have during their time in college and beyond. Students at Gargi College are assigned an experienced "Faculty Mentor" who will assist them in succeeding academically and, through one-on- one interactions, steer them towards any further support for personal and professional development. Students are encouraged to ask questions and receive help in highly personalized conversations. The college is dedicated to helping its students adjust to the real world, and that commitment extends to both first-year and senior students.


The college has a dedicated counsellor to cater to the mental health needs of our students. The students can book the appointment through our website. Apart from this, every student is assigned to a teacher mentor to discuss day-to-day issues and challenges faced by them. We also have peer support available to our students in the form of Izhaar (Initiative of the Psychology Department) and Saarthi (Initiative of the Department of Physical Education and Sports). Additionally, we have a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with IBHAS that helps us in organizing workshops, lectures etc., on mental health issues. The trained members of the Department of Psychology also extend support by providing pro-bono counselling to its students as and when required. At a preventive level the college has also initiated the Centre for Wellbeing, which has planned activities to help students maximize their potential and have a balanced approach to making healthier life choices.


The college has set up an Admission Grievance Committee to ensure that admissions are fair. A Central Admission Grievance Committee is also located in the Dean Students' Welfare Office. In the event of any concerns regarding their admission, applicants are strongly advised to contact the Grievance Committee of the college. If the issue is not resolved promptly, the applicant may approach the Central Admission Grievance Committee. Additionally, separate Grievance Sub-Committees are also available for SC/ST/OBC/EWS and PwD applicants. To assist applicants in addressing their concerns and questions, the college website and noticeboard display the contact information of the members of the grievance committees.

Grievance Redressal Committee: Dr. Madhu Yashpal
Grievance Redressal Committee for SC/ST/OBC-NL/EWS & PwBD: Dr. Geeta Prakash


The Proctorial Committee, which is made up of faculty members and student representatives, is responsible for upholding discipline in the college. As a student, it is important to maintain a congenial environment and adhere to the college's rules and regulations.

Engaging in ragging is considered a serious offence. To prevent this, the Proctorial Committee follows the guidelines outlined in Ordinance XV-C of the University of Delhi. To maintain discipline, students must avoid any activities that may be considered inappropriate. Examples of such activities include:

  • Vandalizing the building Damaging institute property
  • Using mobile phones in academic areas (such as lecture rooms, corridors, and the library)
  • Misusing college ID cards
  • Any other actions that are deemed as acts of indiscipline by the competent authority should also be avoided.

Proctorial Committee Members:

Prof. Aparajita Mohanty (9810567611) Dr. Anita Bhatt (9811340042)


An Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) constituted at Gargi College is responsible for the implementation of the policy against sexual harassment. The committee takes complaints of sexual harassment seriously and conducts investigations, provides support and solutions to victims, recommends penalties, and acts against offenders if necessary. If the ICC establishes a prima facie case of sexual harassment, it will set up an inquiry committee to prepare and submit a report. The committee is committed to maintaining confidentiality throughout the investigation. Once the report is finalized, the complainant's name and other identifying details will be withheld if requested. Based on the report's findings, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the offender. The Annexure at the end of this Prospectus contains the Act's sections detailing sexual harassment and the penalties for those found guilty. It is essential for all students to read and understand these sections.

Internal Complaint Committee:

Presiding Officer: Dr. B. Vaijayanthi (b.vaijayanthi@gargi.du.ac.in; 9810585242)
Teacher Member: Dr. Chhaya Sawhney (chhaya.sawhney@gargi.du.ac.in; 82877431903)
Non-teaching Member: Mr. Deepak Chandra (deepakc1083@gmail.com; 9810610648) Mr. Baleshawar Prasad (prasadbalesh@gmail.com; 9899225878)
External Member: Ms. Richa Tiwari (richatiwari47@gmail.com; 9871232636)
Student Member: Ms. Lovely Pandey (lp991793@gmail.com; 9311840972); Ms. Ruchika Sagar (ruchika08sagar@gmail.com; 9999234129)