Ananda - The Wellbeing Centre

The Centre for Wellbeing was established in 2023 under the vision for holistic wellbeing for all the community members. At Gargi, we believe in holistic wellbeing of our community members through continued endeavours across disciplines, as well as empowering the community towards creating a positive environment that helps us all evolve in ways that maximises our wellbeing and equips us with tools to navigate through life in resilient ways that helps in the collective growth of our community. Our vision at the Gargi Centre for Wellbeing, is to utilize a multicultural and multidisciplinary perspective to accredit the community members with indigenous tools and skills to help them flourish in various spheres of life. The conception of this idea led to the incubation of our Centre for Wellbeing. The Centre has been conceptualized to integrate positive and affirmative actions that will impact the overall health of the Gargi community members and anyone who would want to grow with Gargi. We plan to adapt evidence-based practices from a multi-disciplinary perspective to enhance the wellbeing of the stake holders and be mindful of how structural and systemic changes impact the welfare of all.