About the Department

Microbiology is the study of a cellular and cellular microscopic organisms that are too small to be seen by unaided eye. These organisms includes viruses, bacteria, archaea, algae, fungi and protozoa. This science deals with diversity and evolution of different kinds of microorganisms, inhabiting soils, waters, humans, animals and plants. One way or another, microorganisms affect and support all other forms of life, and therefore microbiology can be considered the most fundamental of the biological sciences.

B.Sc. (Honors) Microbiology offers broad range of core and interdisciplinary papers that include,Introduction to microbiology and microbial diversity, Bacteriology, Bioochemistry, Virology, Microbial physiology and metabolism, Cell Biology, Molecular biology, Immunology, Food and dairy microbiology, Industrial microbiology, Medical microbiology, Environmental microbiology, Microbial genetics and genomics, Bioinformatics and Recombinant DNA technology. Besides, students get also an opportunity to study skill enhancement papers.

This course not only imparts students with an in-depth knowledge of the subject, but enables them to gauge the huge possibilities and practical application of microorganisms in Microbial quality control in food and pharmaceutical industries, Microbial diagnosis in health clinics, biofertilizers and biopesticides.

On completion of this course, students may pursue master's degree in Microbiology/  Biotechnology/Biomedical sciences/Bioinformatics/ Genetics/ Plant molecular biology / System biology/Public Health/Hospital administration etc. Students may carry forward their research in various universities and institutes in India and abroad.

Course offers a broad spectrum of jobs in various pharmaceuticals and related companies.