About the Department

The Department of Zoology at Gargi College is a dynamic hub of knowledge and exploration in the fascinating realm of animal life. Zoology, as the study of animal life, is inherently interdisciplinary, encompassing diverse facets of science. Our department is dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of animal behavior, structure, and evolution through a multidisciplinary approach that ranges from genes, molecular and cellular biology to physiological processes, anatomy, ecology, animal conservation, and biodiversity.

Academic Excellence: Our department offers a structured curriculum that imparts knowledge and fosters a deep understanding of Zoology. It covers both classical and applied aspects of animal life. We believe in providing our students with abundant opportunities to learn, explore, and quench their thirst for knowledge, as we consider extracurricular activities vital to their holistic development.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: At the core of our academic mission are our well-equipped laboratories and lecture theaters, providing an optimal learning environment. In addition to these, our students benefit from cutting-edge technology and scientific instruments in practical exercises. Our advanced microscopy and bioimaging laboratory and a richly stocked museum further enrich the learning experience.

Expert Faculty: Our department is proud to boast a team of expert faculty members who cover a wide range of subjects, including non-chordates, chordates, ecology, cell biology, physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, molecular biology, genetics, developmental biology, evolutionary biology, immunology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, medical diagnostics, research methodology, and more. In alignment with modern education trends, our faculty members create online resources to facilitate online learning, ensuring students have access to the latest teaching tools.

Enriching Experiences: To expose our students to academic and research professions, we regularly organize informative lectures by renowned guest speakers. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in workshops and research projects under the guidance of our esteemed faculty members, thereby gaining invaluable hands-on experience.

Zoological Society 'Albatross': The Zoological Society 'Albatross' serves as a platform for students to delve deeper into the world of Zoology. It allows students to showcase their talents through debates, quiz competitions, and various other engaging activities. The society also takes pride in publishing an annual zoological magazine, 'Flight,' which provides a forum for students to express their thoughts and insights.

WeGyanam: WeGyanam: The Research Wing of Scintillation" is a dynamic initiative by the Department of Zoology that unites students from various scientific disciplines in a collective pursuit of fostering a scientific mindset. WeGyanam unifies science enthusiasts, cultivates scientific temperament, fosters curiosity, and promotes collaborative exploration. Our aim is to be a beacon of scientific enlightenment, paving the way for future discoveries that benefit society. WeGyanam advocates an interdisciplinary approach to bridging the gaps between students and teachers from diverse scientific backgrounds. Together, we share a singular mission – to enrich the world of science.

Exploration and Beyond To enhance the experiential aspect of learning, the department organizes educational trips and excursions, enabling students to explore the natural world and gain practical insights.

Whether you choose to pursue Zoology Honors or a life science program, our courses are meticulously designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need for a promising future in the field of Zoology. Join us in this exciting journey of discovery, where every day brings new insights into the captivating world of animals.