Enliven, the Western Dance Society is a group of energetic, fearless and self-assured youth, who are brought together by a shared passion for dance. Enliven, the much loved Western Dance Society of Gargi College is a fierce crew, who are amongst the top performing societies in the Delhi University. 

Enliven performs a variety of dance styles, including hip hop, waacking and house. Every year during Reverie, Enliven hosts two events, Zenith, the Western group dance competition and Short-Circuit, a magnificient showcase of unbridled talent with a roster of artist. It provides a sizeable stage for a wide range of performers from across the city.

Our Choreographer Mr. Dheeraj Soni, creates an eight minute choreography, that serves as our annual production, complete with innovative props, catchy songs and sublime dance moves. He has enabled us to reach new heights every year.

Office Bearers ( 2023-2024)

  • President : Shyla Handa : B.El.Ed


Enliven creates an empowering environment, where dancers can push their boundaries and release their hidden potential. It fosters a culture, where dancers support, uplift and challenge each other, creating a cohesive team. it pushes us to improve ourselves, with a relentless pursuit of excellence. We embrace challenges and setbacks, learn from them and continuosly grow as individuals and as a team. Enliven provides a conducive space for us to enhance our skills, gain confidence, learn how to deal with unexpected challenges and overcome them. Enliven has a rich legacy, which it has created by being dilligent in the face of adversity. Being the best version of ourselves, representing our college with pride and continuing the legacy started by our outstanding seniors are all part of our vision. To sum up our vision for Enliven is for it to always be on top. 


Empowering creativity through the art of movement, Enliven, our college dance crew is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive community, where students can express themselves, build lifelong friendships and inspire others through the power of dance. We strive to push the boundaries of self-expression and promote a culture of passion, discipline and unity, all while embracing the transformative energy of dance to leave a lasting impact on our college and beyond. Committed to not only embracing the joy of dance, but also pushing the boundaries of excellence. Enliven aspires to elevate our institution to new heights. We relentlessly pursue the thrill of competition, aiming to win accolades and championships, that not only reflect our dedication,, but also reflects our college's vibrant spirit. With unwavering determination, we endeavour to take our college's name to national and international stages, demonstrating the power of passion, teamwork and unwavering dedication to aachieving success and setting new standards of achievement in the world of collegiate dance.